Our Clients have said:

The "home like environment" made everyone feel relaxed-making for a productive meeting.  Winchester Place is warm and charming, a perfect place for any group or celebration. - Donna  5/05

It is the most picturesc place to have a wedding. - Lynette  6/05

A wonderful setting!!  Beautiful house!!  Great assistance! - Tina  7/05

It was just as if you were entertaining in your own home, but we didn't have to clean house!! - Marilyn  8/05

Everything was wonderful.  This was a last-minute thing I pulled together for my bridesmaids and the process was very easy and stress free!! - Maggie  2/2004

Hands on expertise of staff was excellant in troubleshooting details.  Everything was exactly as discussed for the day of the event. - Eric  6/2004

Garnet gave excellent information and business was conducted in a manner that felt like friends working together.  We received many compliments on the wedding, everything looked great.  I believe we were a success because everyone involved worked together as if it were their own. - Sandy  5/2003

I appreciated Garnet's expertise and her attention to detail.  All that we discussed and planned was implemented. - Ann  7/2003